Oil Change Services & Fluid Change Services in Concord & Martinez, CA

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We are open our regular business hours. As always, you stay in your car while we change your oil.

Oil Change Services & Fluid Change Services in
Concord & Martinez, CA

  • Oil Change in Concord
  • Oil Change in Martinez
  • Synthetic Oil Change
  • Gearbox Fluid Service
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Cooling System Service
  • Power Steering Fluid Flush
3 Oil Change Locations in Contra Costa Area

Oil Change in Concord and MartinezFor more than a decade the team at Oil Express Drive Thru Oil Change has been conducting professional fluid exchange and oil changes in Concord and Martinez for drivers of most import and domestic vehicles. As an earth friendly business we work hard to leave a minimal footprint as we conduct the auto maintenance that your car desperately needs to stay safe and reliable. Our talented team of technicians utilize the highest quality fluids to complete many services for your vehicle's numerous systems. You can count on Oil Express Drive Thru Oil Change to be there when your vehicle is due for a routine oil change or fluid flush. When it's time for an oil change in Concord, Martinez or the surrounding area be sure to give the Oil Express Drive Thru Oil Change location nearest you a call right away!

As a locally owned and operated automotive maintenance business we understand the importance of quality customer service matched with affordable prices for great car care. You can count on the team of expert technicians at Oil Express Drive Thru Oil Change to care for and nurture your domestic, Asian or European vehicle. We take pride in the work we do and we encourage you to ask about offers various discounts on services.

Fluid Change ServicesWe only use the finest oils and liquids when conducting maintenance for your vehicle. We offer OEM fluids when required to maintain warranty. You'll find Chevron Supreme and Havoline inside every Oil Express Drive Thru Oil Change location. Be sure to keep up with your car's scheduled maintenance and when it is due for service give us a call or stop by the location most convenient for you. Come in for an oil change in Concord or call our shop at 1935 Market Street in Concord at (925) 421-2605, or for an oil change in Martinez at 1033 Arnold Drive in Martinez dial (925) 293-9139 or for the shop at 3500 Alhambra Avenue in Martinez call (925) 231-8737. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!


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Oil Express Drive Thru Oil Change Concord, CA
(925) 421-2605
1935 Market Street
Concord, CA 94520

Oil Express Drive Thru Oil Change Martinez, CA
(925) 293-9139
1033 Arnold Dr
Martinez, CA 94553

(925) 231-8737
3500 Alhambra Ave
Martinez, CA 94553

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"This is a great Oil change service! You drive in the bay, sit in your car and wait, and in about 15 minutes you're done! They check all your fluids, tires, chassis bearing points, brake fluid, power steering, coolant, windshield wipers, wiper fluid, oil filter, air filter, you name it! The staff was very friendly and efficient!"
~ - Pleasant Hill, CA
"Love coming here! They are very friendly and they update you on what your car needs. I recently got an oil change, checked my tires, water and everything else. I was out of there in 15 - 20 minutes!"
~ - Concord, CA