3 Facts About the All Important Oil Change

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3 Facts About the All Important Oil Change

You've probably heard it ever since you first got your driver's license, "Change the oil every 3,000 miles!" There is a reason this has been drilled into your head, it's important to change the oil to ensure a proper running vehicle! While the 3,000 mile mark may not be correct for all vehicles, as many newer vehicles can go as much as 7,500 miles or more before needing an oil change, it is important to never skip this important service. Consult your owner's manual or ask a qualified technician how often your vehicle should receive an oil change in order to properly benefit from these three oil change facts.

Oil Changes Help Regulate Engine Temperature

Fresh engine oil is engineered to absorb heat produced by the engine. As oil ages and breaks down with use it loses its ability to do so and may actually begin to reflect heat, causing excessive temperatures in the engine. While the cooling system can generally handle the heat it never hurts to have the help! Oil also reduces the heat that is produces by preventing temperature rise due to harsh friction.

Oil Changes Clean Out the Engine

When oil circulates through the engine it picks up dust, dirt and other contaminants that cause the engine to have to work harder than normal. This buildup of debris within the engine is called sludge, which resembles a muddy substance that can be very sticky and cause multiple problems within the motor if it isn't removed. When you get the oil changed all of this is drained from the engine, including the materials that are stuck in the oil filter, since the filter is also replaces at every oil change. This restores the flow of oil through the engine and ensures the motor can run with as little of resistance as possible.

Oil Changes are Necessary for Proper Lubrication

The main reason vehicles need oil changes is to ensure the engine is properly lubricated. Fresh oil reduces the friction between the moving parts of the motor ensuring that it runs smoothly. If there is metal on metal contact in the engine the parts will quickly wear out and potentially cause your engine to seize. This would require extensive engine repair and possibly an engine rebuild or replacement.

Be sure you keep up with all of your scheduled auto maintenance to keep your vehicle running great for miles and miles! If your car, truck or SUV needs an oil change in Concord or Martinez come into Oil Express, where we offer oil changes and other fluid flush services. Come in for an oil change in Concord or call our shop at 1935 Market Street in Concord at (925) 421-2605, or for an oil change in Martinez at 1033 Arnold Drive in Martinez dial (925) 293-9139 or for the shop at 3500 Alhambra Avenue in Martinez call (925) 293-9139. No appointment is necessary!

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