Does my car need automatic transmission fluid service?

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Does my car need automatic transmission fluid service?

Does my car need automatic transmission fluid service?The transmission is an incredibly intricate piece of machinery that requires routine maintenance, much the same as the engine, but at larger mileage intervals. It is important that you have this maintenance completed, which generally consists of draining the old transmission fluid, cleaning or replacing the transmission filter, if necessary, installing a new transmission pan gasket and filling the transmission with fresh fluid. Old fluid can result in a number of problems, which would indicate that it's time for service. If you notice any of these issues and you're in between scheduled services it is a good idea to have a transmission flush completed.

Grinding or Whining Noises

Strange noises that occur while shifting are often indicative of dirty, low or burnt fluid that needs to be replaced or replenished. This noise may occur while grinding or in some cases you can hear the torque converter whining while your vehicle is idling.

Delayed Shifting

When you shift from park to drive the car should begin to move right away. If instead the engine revs high and there is a pause between when you hit the gas and the vehicle starts to move, or if there is a case of engine revving as the vehicle shifts between gears while accelerating, you'll want to get in for transmission service.

Erratic Shifting

Does it seem like your car is shifting unnaturally? Does it jump from gear to gear? This is a clear sign of transmission trouble that could very likely be fixed with routine transmission maintenance.

Slipping Gears

If your vehicle is hard to get into gear or if it falls out of gear into neutral you'll want to have the issue checked out. While this may be a maintenance issue it could be a bigger problem.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid is generally a reddish color. Should you ever notice this color fluid leaking from your car you'll want to get in for service. Many times a leak can be stopped with routine maintenance as it will often involve replacing the transmission pan gasket that keeps the fluid where it is supposed to be.

If you need a transmission fluid flush Martinez or Concord head to Oil Express. We offer fluid change services for most makes and models, as well as quick oil changes. When it is time for routine auto maintenance in Concord or Martinez head to the Oil Express location nearest you or give us a call for more information about our services.

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