How do I know if I need Automatic Transmission Fluid Service?

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How do I know if I need Automatic Transmission Fluid Service?

Automatic transmissions are incredibly complex machines. They are tasked with transferring the power created by the engine to the wheels. A very important aspect of automatic transmissions is the fluid it uses for lubrication and hydraulic force. Should this fluid become contaminated or simply break down with age it will result in numerous troubles for the transmission which will eventually lead to it being unable to complete its duty. If you run into any of the following troubles be sure to get the a service station for automatic transmission service right away. This service will help prevent you from needing more complex transmission repairs.

Grinding noises while shifting

If you ever notice strange noises while shifting, which may be audible as grinding, whirring or whining, you'll want to get the transmission serviced as soon as possible. This is a very common sign that the transmission is in trouble. This commonly represents a lack of lubrication due to low levels of transmission fluid. The fluid may be gummed up or it could have even leaked from the transmission.

Delayed shifting

Does the transmission seem to pause between gear shifts or when you move it from (P)ark to (D)rive? If the RPMs spike as the transmission shifts there is a solid chance that the issue could be resolved with transmission fluid flush. If left unattended this issue can grow much worse for the transmission and the engine.

Automatic transmission fluid leak

Have you found a strange red fluid collecting in your driveway underneath your car or truck? This is most likely transmission fluid. It is dyed red to make it easy to differentiate between other vehicle fluids. In many transmission services the pan gasket will be replaced because if it has become dry and cracked it will allow for a transmission fluid leak. Replacing the gasket will stop any existing leak, in most cases.

Mileage point

All vehicles have mileage points at which they require certain maintenance for particular systems. The transmission is no different. Many vehicles require transmission fluid flush service every 30,000 miles, but you can find out exactly when your car requires this service by checking the maintenance guide in the owner's manual.

At Oil Express we provide superior transmission fluid service in Martinez and Concord. As the local experts in all vehicle fluid services you can count on us for oil changes and all other fluid flushes. Give us a call at the location nearest you to learn more about our services or simply stop by, no appointment necessary. We look forward to providing you with expert auto maintenance in Concord and Martinez.

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