5 Benefits of a Cooling System Flush

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5 Benefits of a Cooling System Flush

A cooling system or radiator flush provides a number of excellent benefits to your vehicle's cooling components. It is an inexpensive procedure that should be conducted once per year or according to your owner's manual's suggestions for service. If your car is due for any sort of service it is necessary to have it completed so that the engine or other vehicular systems don't fall into despair. Here are five reasons to keep up with cooling system and radiator flush services.

Lubricates the water pump

The additives in the coolant, also known as antifreeze, will lubricate the vehicle's water pump, helping to lengthen the life of this very important part. If the water pump were to fail your car would quickly begin to overheat.

Removes contaminants

A radiator flush completely drains the system of coolant and this brings with it any dirt or other materials that may have made their way inside over time. These contaminants can prevent the cooling system from properly doing its job.

Dislodges rust and scale

Along the same lines, a flush will remove rust and scale deposits that will definitely cause harm to your car if not removed. Rust is extremely corrosive and will eventually eat away at the metal parts of your cooling system and motor.

Protect against build up

The flush generally includes using some anti corrosion materials that will help prevent future buildup of unwanted materials.

Gives a technician an opportunity to inspect the cooling system

Finally, during the radiator flush service a technician will have the opportunity to check on the moving parts, hoses and belts that are all part of the cooling system. If any issues are found they can then be corrected before they break, likely saving you hundreds of dollars over the cost of towing and repair.

At Oil Express we provide cooling system flushes in Martinez and Concord, as well as transmission fluid flushes, power steering flushes and more. If you need one of these services or are in need of an oil change in Concord or Martinez come stop by one of our express shops where no appointments are necessary! We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you keep your car in top notch shape.

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