Does My Car Really Need a Radiator Flush?

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Does My Car Really Need a Radiator Flush?

Does My Car Really Need a Radiator Flush?If you check your car's owner's manual it will give you detailed instructions about the maintenance required by your vehicle. One of the things that it will talk about is a radiator or coolant flush. The mileage marker at which your vehicle will need this service will vary depending upon what you drive. You may question if your vehicle really needs this service. The answer is, it does.

The current that flows through your cooling system is a mix of water and anti-freeze. If it is not drained and refilled from the radiator and the other parts of the cooling system it will result in damage to the interior of the cooling system. Some of the common problems that will occur if the coolant is not flushed includes a rising engine temperature gauge, leaking coolant, low coolant levels, and possibly steam coming from under the hood due to overheating. if your vehicle overheats it could result in massive engine damage.

During the cooling system flush all of the coolant is drained from the vehicle. This helps to remove dirt, sludge, rust and of course the dirty coolant itself from the radiator, water pump, water hoses and the engine is cooling passages.

You need to be sure that you have cooling system flush is conducted at the correct mileage in there to prevent overheating issues. Overheating, as mentioned could lead to expensive and extensive repairs.

Be sure to check your owner's manual to see when your vehicle is due for this service. However, it is also smart to regularly monitor the condition of your coolant. Check the level in the reservoir as well as noting the color. If it is low or if it appears to be dirty a cooling system flush is in order.

If your vehicle needs a cooling system flush in Concord or Martinez be sure to bring your vehicle to Oil Express. To learn more about this service and other auto maintenance that we perform give us a call in Concord at (925) 421-2605, or in Martinez at (925) 293-9139. We look forward to providing your car with auto maintenance in Concord and Martinez.

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