Four Tune Up Services to Keep Your Car Running Great

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Four Tune Up Services to Keep Your Car Running Great

Four Tune Up Services to Keep Your Car Running GreatIf you check your owner's manual you will find that there is a calendar that depicts how often your vehicle needs routine maintenance, and what type of maintenance is required. However, depending on your driving habits and the car itself, there may be times when it could use service outside of this schedule. This is often referred to as giving your car a tune up. It is generally necessary when your vehicle is not performing quite like it should, such as getting poor fuel economy or having a rough idle. Many tune up services are relatively quick and inexpensive, such as the following four maintenances that will keep your car running smooth.

Spark plug replacement

Clean and properly gapped spark plugs are crucial to a well running engine. If the spark plugs become corroded, which they will after many miles of use, they will need to be replaced. Spark plugs, or spark plug wires, that are in poor condition can result in a drop in fuel economy caused by misfiring.

Air filter replacement

The air filter prevents dust, dirt and other contaminants from making their way to the interior of the engine. A clogged air filter however can prevent the proper amount of air from reaching the combustion chamber. This can result in the vehicle burning more fuel than necessary in order to compensate.

Fuel filter replacement

A clogged fuel filter will starve your engine of fuel. This will likely result in power loss and a rough idle. If the clog is severe enough it will simply prevent your car from running. This is dangerous as your vehicle could die while on the road.

Fuel injection cleaning

Clogged fuel injectors can also cause starvation problems for the engine. If you ever notice a rough idle it is necessary to get to an auto repair shop in order to have proper diagnostics ran to find out just what is going on!

When it is time for a tune up in Concord or Martinez head to Oil Express. Our friendly team of technicians can provide a variety of light auto maintenance tasks to help you keep your car running smooth for years to come. Give us a call at the location nearest you or swing by the shop in your neighborhood for expert auto maintenance in Concord or Martinez.

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