Change the Oil at Home vs. Change the Oil at a Lube Center

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Change the Oil at Home vs. Change the Oil at a Lube Center

If you're an avid do it yourselfer you likely have the urge to, well, do everything yourself, including changing your vehicle's oil. If you've got a passion for working on cars it is also understandable to want to do this relatively simple, yet sometimes complex task, on your own. But is it worth it? Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of changing your car's oil on your own.

The time factor

When you change your car's oil you have to drive to the auto parts store to get the oil and filter, drive back home, jack your car up and conduct the necessary oil change steps. By bringing your car to a lube center you can be in and out in as little as 15 minutes. They have everything on hand to complete the job and all you have to do is pull up and have a seat in their waiting area.

The cleanliness factor

Another thing to think about is the fact that you will likely end up covered in oil should you choose to complete the oil change on your own. As a guest at an oil change facility you will never have to worry about getting your hands (or face) dirty. The oil change professionals will also ensure that your vehicle is not subject to any oil stains or other dirt.

The recycling factor

When you complete an oil change at home you also have to find a place to take the old oil, as you simply cannot place it in the trash. This is a very flammable and hazardous material that needs to be properly handled. An oil change facility will be equipped to handle any and all recycling needs of the oil that is going to be discarded.

The cost factor

When it comes down to it you can likely save a few bucks changing the oil yourself. But when you factor in the gas you use to drive to the auto store and the recycling center, as well as the time you burn, it is easy to see how beneficial it is to head to the professional oil change facility.

At Oil Express it is our mission to provide fast oil changes in Martinez and Concord at our full service oil change facilities. We also offer a number of other fluid services for most makes and models. Give us a call at the location nearest you for expert auto maintenance in Martinez and Concord.

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