Keep Up on Cooling System Maintenance to Avoid these 5 Problems

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Keep Up on Cooling System Maintenance to Avoid these 5 Problems

Keep Up on Cooling System Maintenance to Avoid these 5 ProblemsAs soon as you turn the key, your engine temperature begins a rapid ascent. As long as you've kept up on cooling system maintenance, then you've done your part to make sure that your engine isn't prone to overheating, which could cause significant trouble. Here's a look at five problems that could arise if your cooling system is neglected.


If smoke starts to emerge from under your hood, then you'll want to get off the road and likely will need to add coolant/water.

High Reading on Temp Gauge

In the event that the temperature gauge on your dashboard suddenly shoots upward, or slowly creeps into the red zone, then you'll want to pull over and call up an automotive expert who can help you determine if your vehicle is safely operable.

Low Coolant

If you notice a sudden drop in your coolant level, then there's a good chance that a cooling system issue has emerged. In such a scenario, you'll want to consult an automotive professional who can help you identify the underlying cause of this issue.

White Exhaust Smoke

White exhaust smoke is an indication that coolant is being burned up within your combustion chamber. Anytime that exhaust smoke appears to be off in color, it's worth further investigating the matter.

External Coolant Leak

It's good practice to periodically scan the pavement where your car is regularly parked and check for signs of automotive fluid leaks. If you see an accumulation of bright green fluid, then you've got evidence of an external coolant leak. Coolant is sometimes other colors, such as pink or yellow.

If you're in need of cooling system service, be sure to visit a reputable shop. For cooling system flushes and oil changes in Concord, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Pacheco, and Vine Hill, CA, the experts to contact are at Oil Express. Feel free to visit Oil Express today for an expert drive-thru oil change in Concord or Martinez, CA!

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