My Vehicle is Leaking Fluid, What is it?

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My Vehicle is Leaking Fluid, What is it?

Motor vehicles use many different fluids to run besides the gasoline you put in the tank. While the gas makes the engine fire the other liquids all help to ensure that many of the car's numerous systems operate without hassle. These fluids are integral to the health and safety of your vehicle, which is why it is very important to speak with a mechanic as soon as you discover any sort of leak. The following are four of the most common types of vehicle fluid leaks and how to identify them.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is generally a reddish color and will usually drip directly under the transmission if there is indeed a leak. This fluid is incredibly vital for shifting gears so always contact your mechanic as soon as you have discovered a leak.

Differential Fluid

Differential fluid is very similar to in appearance to transmission fluid. The quickest way to determine the difference is by identifying the location the leak. If it is collecting in the driveway toward the front of the vehicle it is likely a transmission fluid leak, at the rear then you're facing a differential fluid leak.

Engine Oil

Oil is likely the quickest vehicle fluid to identify, engine oil will be very black after it has been used. Some oil leaks will not need immediate attention but they should should be monitored. Talk to your local auto shop about your vehicle's oil leak to find out what the best options for repair are.


The liquid used by the cooling system is usually a bright green color, but it can also be pink or yellow depending on what type your vehicle is currently using. It will also have a very sweet smell. If your vehicle is leaking coolant it will be at risk of overheating, so be sure to take care of this issue as soon as it is noticed.

If your car has sprung a leak don't wait to talk to your mechanic. It is also very important to remember that vehicles require routine fluid flushes at certain mileage points. If you need a fluid flush in Concord or Martinez be sure to speak with the experts at Oil Express. Our three locations make auto maintenance very convenient. Give us a call today at (808) 670-1099 or simply stop by the location nearest you for on demand fluid services or a motor oil change in Concord or Martinez today.

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