Simple Auto Maintenance Tips to Restore Fuel Efficiency

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Simple Auto Maintenance Tips to Restore Fuel Efficiency

Simple Auto Maintenance Tips to Restore Fuel EfficiencyWithout routine auto maintenance cars and trucks would quickly fall into despair. There are numerous reasons maintenance is necessary, from keeping the engine properly lubricated to ensuring the brakes can bring the car to a stop at a moment's notice. A huge benefit of conducting routine maintenance, particularly maintenance related to the engine, is that it will help ensure you're always getting the best fuel efficiency possible. The following are a few simple maintenance issues that should be completed if you find your car suffering from decreased fuel economy.

Replace Spark Plugs

Spark plugs ignite the air and gasoline mix to create a tiny explosion that causes the pistons in your engine to move up and down and generate power within the engine. Before hitting the road make sure your spark plugs are correctly gapped to manufacture specifications and that they are not dirty or corroded. A spark plug fires millions of times every thousand miles of travel and a dirty or corroded can misfire, wasting valuable fuel!

Avoid Long Warm Up Times

Your vehicle should not need to warm up for more than a few seconds, if that, before being ready to get on the road. When you're not moving, you are getting zero miles per gallon. If you find your car or truck needing to sit idly for a few moments before it is ready to go, you should see a technician to identify what the problem is.

Inflate Tires to Correct PSI

Tires are designed to be inflated to and driven on at a specific PSI, the air pressure measurement that stands for pounds per square inch. If you car's tires do not have enough air in them then your vehicle's engine has to work extra hard to make the soft tires turn. This can increase your fuel consumption by upwards of two MPGs.

Change the Air Filter

A dirty air filter may prevent enough air from reaching the location in the engine where gas and air mix. This will result in a fuel rich gas mixture burning in the engine, which is a waste of gas and can cause other potential problems inside your vehicle's engine.

Be sure to service the vehicle as necessary so that you spend less time at the gas pump. For expert auto maintenance in Concord or Martinez, CA, head to Oil Express. We offer a plethora of auto maintenance services to help you keep things running smooth. Stop by our auto maintenance shop in Concord or Martinez to have your car serviced today.

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