Why does my car require scheduled auto maintenance?

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Why does my car require scheduled auto maintenance?

Why does my car require scheduled auto maintenance?The car or truck that you drive to work every day is an extremely complex machine. It consists of electronics, mechanical systems, fluids, sensors and many other parts that work together to get you safely to where you want to be. In the near future it seems as if a driver won't even be necessary! However, when so many systems are working together and any form of mechanics is involved, maintenance will be always be necessary. Be sure to keep up with your vehicle's scheduled service needs by following the calendar inside the owner's manual. But why exactly do cars need maintenance?

Prevents Breakdowns

During routine maintenance many things happen. Belts and hoses are replaced, fluids are flushed and various inspections are conducted. All these tasks are completed in an effort to keep your car reliable. Without routine maintenance parts would break and you'd be left stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. So while it may seem strange to spend a bit of money on a car that is already running well, doing so will keep it running well. The alternative is spending even more money trying to fix a problem that has resulted in massive damage.

Keeps vehicle performance at a max

Routine maintenance keeps your car running at the top of its game. Even simple services such as oil changes help keep your fuel efficiency maximized and performance at a peak. If you notice your car falling into despair be sure to get in for routine maintenance to restore its driveability.

What are common auto maintenance services?

There are many types of auto maintenance required by all cars and trucks. The following are some of the basic services you'll encounter throughout the miles that you cover.

Oil Changes - Oil changes are necessary every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for most vehicles. This service keeps the moving parts of the motor well lubricated and cleans out the engine to keep it running right. Tune Ups - If your car is not running quite right but is in between major services it could be time for a tune up. These services usually include small, inexpensive maintenances to help restore the vehicle's operation and may include air and fuel filter replacements, new spark plugs and fuel injection cleaning. Fluid Flush - Your car uses several specialized fluids to operate. To ensure they are free of contaminants they need to be drained and refilled. Debris in transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and other liquids used by your car can cause damage to the parts the fluid flows through.

When you need auto maintenance in Martinez or Concord head to Oil Express. We offer expert tune up and oil change services for all makes and models. To learn more about how we can help you keep your car running great give the Oil Express Martinez or Concord auto maintenance shop nearest you a call today.

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